Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are Those Dinosaur Knobs? Why Yes They Are.

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I would say without a doubt my favorite project in the nursery has been the dresser.  It was an idea that Ricky and I came up with together and he executed all on his own.  The dresser is everything that I love in a good piece, its DIY, its creative, its unique, it’s the kind of thing people look at and say I’ve never seen that before and I love it.  We bought a used dresser at an antique store in town after Christy and I scoured for several days for $125.00.  We loved that it had plenty of storage, and that it could double as a changing table. 

However, we hated the paint job (it is perfect for someone…just not us and this room).  At first I wanted to strip it down to bare wood and stain it.  I felt the wood would add warmth to the room and an element of nature that the room currently lacked. 

After stripping the dresser it didn’t look like the wood was going to be in good enough shape to just stain so we had to come up with another plan.  Ricky said, “Why don’t we do a chalkboard dresser.”  I was totally on board.  To top that off I really wanted cool knobs in either red or white to be really graphic against the black of the dresser.  I had seen on pinterest where people were cutting kids plastic animals in half and using those for wall hooks and I thought they would be the perfect drawer handles.  After one scary trip to seriously the scariest dollar store I’ve ever been to we had a grouping of plastic dinosaurs for around $10.00. 

Ricky then used the miter saw to cut them in half. 

He filled them with a spray foam, and the key with this is you have to let the foam expand then add more trying to fill the dinosaur head without letting it overflow too much.  Once your foam is to a desired levelness (and ours are not perfect if you look closely at the dresser you can see that but that’s what makes it a DIY project) dip the dinos in paint of your choice.  We decided that the white would be the most graphic so all the filled dino heads took a couple of swims around the paint bucket.  We used the normal indoor Valspar white paint that we use for everything. 

Next, Ricky attached the knobs to the dresser by drilling though the dresser into the dinos using relatively long screws.  The last step is to put your awesome dinosaur handle dresser in the room (touch up the paint of course) and enjoy. 

We still need to “chalk” up the dresser some to get the full chalk board effect (maybe we’ll draw some football plays on it or something) but we love the way it looks.  It is something that Ricky really spent some time doing for our baby Jackson and that is my favorite part. 

I love so many things about my amazing husband but none more than the fact that I can say, “Honey, let’s go to a really creepy dollar store and get some animals to cut up, paint, and screw onto a dresser.” And he totally goes with me every time even saying, “I’m not sure it’s going to work but let’s see what we can do.”  It truly is the meaning of the wolfpack, going through life trying to figure it out making a lot of mistakes on the way with the real prize not of the end product but of the memories that you had laughing about how crazy the store was or how that really did turn out much better than you thought it could.


  1. Too fun! You guys are so creative!!

  2. I love this and am going to make them for my 4 year old grandson; however, his parents are concerned that the foam used is not sturdy enough for continued use and said the screws would just pull out or the dinosaur would just pull off of the foam. Have you had this problem happen?